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Diets which guarantee results

If you want to lose weight, you should also pay attention to food intake. But in a sea of ​​diets is necessary to recognize the one that will suit you.

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Analysis of the American Medical Association showed that the two most effective diets those with reduced intake of fat and reduced intake of carbohydrate.

Research has shown that it is possible that the more you will lose weight if you choose a diet with reduced intake of carbohydrates, but the differences compared to those with reduced fat intake, really small.

When scientists examined 50 different studies that included about 7,300 people, they found that those who were kicked carbohydrates lost eighteen pounds in six months. On the other hand, those who have been kicked out of fat, have lost about fourteen pounds in the same time.

These studies were based solely on weight loss and did not follow the health status of the people, as well as its impact on the most common problems that people have, such as diabetes or heart disease.

However, one study compared the health side of the two aforementioned diets, where it was concluded that the reduction in carbohydrates had a more positive impact on the heart, because losing more weight and thus reduce the risk of heart attack.

These are two popular diets that exclude carbohydrates and fat, but every person who decides to burn calories in this way, must to consult their doctor.

Atkins diet

This diet excludes carbohydrates in the body to help the body cleanse itself of fat deposits. With this diet you will not be hungry because you do not have to eat only three times a day. But you have to be persistent, because if you only eat one piece of bread or anything that contains carbohydrates, the body will block fat loss. This diet is not for everyone because it would because of the abundance of protein, people with health problems should consult their doctor before starting a diet.

Allowed: All kinds of meat, all kinds of fish, all kinds of salads, eggs, coffee

Prohibited: bread, potatoes, flour, rice, soybeans, peas, bread crumbs, fried meat, pasta, peanut, hazelnut, hot dogs, roux, dairy products, snacks, ice cream, chocolate, fruit, sugar…

Ornish diet

Diet of doctor Ornish  is mainly based on the vegan diet, which should be followed by regular physical activity. It is recommended to eat smaller meals more often. This diet keeps stress under control and reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood.

Allowed: All types of grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables, dairy products with a minimum of fat.

Prohibited: All kinds of meat, oil, and avocado, olives, nuts, fats and sugar.

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