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Consider the reality and save money: This is the biggest myth about cellulite

No matter how many years you have, you are likely familiar with cellulite. Dents in the skin have always been a big problem for women of all ages, which often turn to cosmetics and “the miracle” creams. But, Dr. Oz, a physician who became famous visiting with Oprah Winfrey, warns that it is just a waste of money and that no cream can destroy cellulite.

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The truth is, according to Dr. Oz, many women are unaware of what is actually cellulite, and how occurs, and therefore think that pomades can cure him. He decided to break this myth, and explains exactly how cellulite occurs.

All the legs are fat cells. As these cells take nutrients from the blood vessels that pass by, they become larger and larger. Within the fat cells shrink fat molecules, and the cells swell. And how swell you know what they are doing? Take more nutrients from the blood – explains Dr. Oz.

These cells are placed between the muscle and the skin, and to become larger, so that the fibers stick to the skin associated muscles start to give way. As women enter the 30-ei 40-year cell, increasingly, more and more fiber yield and the skin becomes clearly visible dents and bumps – a phenomenon that we call cellulite.

Cellulite actually make fat cells that accumulate and push the skin from the muscle. And since they keep them just that little fiber, you begin to see the bumps on the skin. But here’s the big news. You can not heal cream – doctor said.

All these medicines in which many women swear only give the illusion of curing the cellulite, continues Dr. Oz.

They actually muscles and tissue around them a little swollen, and cellulite becomes less visible. Because there is no cream against cellulite – says the doctor.


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