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8 things that need to have every woman in the thirties

It is a classic and eternal pieces that never go out of fashion

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Twenty years have been great for experimentation when it comes to fashion and other areas of life question. However, thirty have been a little more serious, in that we should know who we are and what we want out of life.

The following are the key elements that every woman should possess, which never go out of fashion.

1. Classic shoes

Whether you are a lady who goes out of heels or even prefer the comfortable ballet shoes in his closet that should definitely be at high quality design and striking pair of shoes that are good with every outfit.

2. Feminine business suit

Whether you are dealing with serious matters, or, alternatively, move into creative waters, what every woman needs is a classically feminine clothes, preferably in black color, which can be worn to meetings, interviews and other occasions where it is necessary to look professional and chic.

3. Wristwatch

Wrist watch is definitely a fashion accessory in that it pays to invest and that every woman in her thirties should possess.

4. Red lipstick

The woman with red lipstick is always observed and striking. You do not have to wear it every day, but let it be in your makeover of the collection finds at least one classic red lipstick for special moments where you will want to look stylish and sophisticated.

5. Personal smell

We believe that you already have your favorite perfume, and if you do not, then as soon go in search of a scent that will be compatible with your personality.

6. Jewelry that you never remove

Whether it is a necklace, earrings, ring, or something else, in their thirties should have a piece of jewelry that you always wear.

7. Eternal bag

If you are in the thirties, probably in your closet you have a lot of bags, but only to one should be the one. It is a fashion item that can save any outfit. If you have not already, invest in a bag that is not subject to trends.

8. Classic jacket

A classic jacket that you can wear on all occasions you will need and it is also worthwhile to invest. Have it in a neutral color so you can wear it anytime and anywhere.


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