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This is why you have not fought with excess fat on stomach

Although exercise and eat healthy food, have not yet been able to reduce the layers of fat on your stomach. Here are the mistakes that you should not do…

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You eat too much at night

In this case, your body will not have time to burn the calories that you entered during the night. Therefore, eat some vegetables for dinner and get down early to avoid overeating. Your abs will be grateful!

Not lifting weights

Hours doing cardio exercises, but your stomach still does not look the way you want. Why? When you run, you burn calories, but when you’re done running, cease to burn calories. However, when you’re lifting weights, not only do you burn calories during the exercise, but the combustion takes place and the next two days. This is because lifting weights causes micro tearing of your muscles and your body consumes calories to get them healed. Therefore introduce 2-3 days lifting weights and you’ll quickly notice the change.

Disposing dream

On television is shown completion of your favorite shows, and you certainly can not miss, and so put off going to bed. Lack of sleep causes the release of the hormone ghrelin, which is responsible for strengthening the appetite. So you’d better take a show and get down early to have 7-9 hours of sleep!

Consumption of sweet drinks

If you’re using fruit, soda or sports drinks, better switch to water to which you add the lemon juice. This prevents bloating and influence on stomach subsides.

Too much salt

If you enter more than 1550 milligrams of sodium per day, you may notice swelling. Too much salt in your diet will cause a shift of water from the bloodstream into the skin. So go out, run for an hour, until a sweat in the future reduce salt intake.

Reduce alcohol intake

Alcohol stimulates the appetite and causes the deposition of fat in your stomach. A glass of wine from time to time will not hurt, but if you’re drinking alcohol become a habit, you will quickly notice a change in the your stomach.

Insufficient exercise

Walking 20 minutes a day. Why, then, your stomach does not decrease? First, make sure that you sweat while exercising. Secondly, you need to target the 45 minutes to an hour of exercise daily to burn enough calories.


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