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Walk for a healthier brain

Moderate physical activity at least 5 days a week is one of the easiest ways to prevent obesity, cardiovascular disease and slow down the aging process of the body.

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Experts suggest that the overall health of the best exercises combine strength and cardiovascular exercises, and stretching exercises to increase flexibility of the body.

For those who have just started their daily physical activity, 30 minutes of walking a day can be enough.

Walking is, unlike other aerobic exercises, special. Previous studies have shown that walking is one of the best choices because it encourages spending time in nature, is free and can be included in the daily rhythm. In addition, walking can enhance the health and functioning of your brain.

Far be it from other aerobic exercises that can not, but the walk is suitable for all mobile persons, regardless of age and health.

Increases creativity

If you are faced with a problem whose solution requires creative thinking, may not be so bad if you go for a short walk. Recent research has shown that walking on the treadmill or in the countryside has to increase creativity.

We do not claim that it will turn into a walking embodiment of creativity, but it will help in the adoption of creative thinking in solving everyday problems.

One study has shown that walking can in the next few hours encourage creativity as much as 60%. This is not negligible, so be sure to try out.

Improves mood

Walk a couple of good friends can reduce the risk of depression. Scientists have found that any form of physical activity, especially walking in the countryside with friends, improves mood and reduces stress hormones in the body.

Walk in nature encourages positive emotions because they release hormones of happiness. It may also help alleviate symptoms of depression, but is not a substitute for prescribed medication.

You can better cope with grief

Talk to the person close to nature can be beneficial for a person who has suffered a great tragedy such as the death of a loved one, divorce or abandonment. Walking is cheap, safe and easily accessible form of exercise.

In combination with nature and close friends can be very powerful, often underused way to defeat all of the bad mood. More strenuous forms of aerobic exercise, such as running, do not allow enough conversation. Walking, on the other hand, provides the perfect opportunity to exercise and socialize at the same time.

Better memory

It has been shown that physical activity, particularly aerobic, may enhance memory and to reduce the risk of developing the disease and memory disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

During walking increases brain activity, which means that the brain any information properly handle and store.

It has been proven that 20 minutes of walking enough to feel the first results. Often physical fatigue means less mental fatigue. Therefore, when you feel that your concentration is weak and get tired, do not go to sleep, but go for a walk.


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