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Let your skin stay young: these 4 foods slow the aging process!

Consume foods rich in polyphenols and you’ll notice a big improvement in the appearance of your skin

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Proper nutrition is very important for our health and certain foods have a positive impact on our appearance.

There are various foods that can make your skin more beautiful and radiant, and foods containing polyphenols can slow the aging process and reduce the visibility of signs of aging that already exist.

We present to you the foods that are rich in polyphenols, and that you need to incorporate into your daily diet, for multiple results.

Green tea

For best results, drink 2 to 3 cups of green tea a day. Studies have shown that, in addition to the skin makes it more beautiful, it is also more resistant to harmful external influences.


Blueberries, which are on the list of the world’s healthiest foods, improve circulation, which means the skin to receive more oxygen and nutrients.

Dark chocolate

Abundant in antioxidants that protect against external harmful effects and reduce the risk of premature emergence of signs of aging.

Wheat germ

A large number of people have a habit of consuming wheat germ, but you definitely need one for a great effect on the health and appearance.


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