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What are the problems you can solve exercising?

Stress, back pain, sleepiness or decreased sexual desire problems that will be solved with exercise.

In addition to holding the line and movement, exercise has a medicinal effect on specific health problems – says Jessica Girdwain.

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While struggling with the desire to eat something delicious, the brain actually asking for dopamine. It is in the brain responsible for the sense of comfort and well-being. Instead of food, dopamine can produce and exercise


A proven way to relieve anxiety is cardio training. These exercises increase the release of neurotransmitters for mood stabilization and sweating while exercising expelling stress. In just 30 minutes of daily jogging later hours will be easier to deal with stress and burden.


Even 65 percent of those who exercise 150 minutes a week have fewer problems with sleepiness and fatigue. The following exercise you will sleep better and have more energy when you wake up. Let your choice be yoga if you have these health problems.

Back pain

The muscles around the pelvis weaken with age because we move less and sit more. To cope with these problems and reduce pain exercise abdominal muscles. Work in small batches, but repeat several times.

Strengthening libido 

If you have this problem, it is enough to sweat in the gym. Shop “Journal of Sexual Medicine” published a study that says that women who exercise 20 minutes a day quickly aroused. Exercise Zumba or dance.

Strengthening immunity

Aerobic exercises are a natural fighter against viruses and colds. To strengthen the immune system helps exercises that raise your heart rate, so run, dance or go to aerobics.

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