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Super tricks for cleaning clothes and removing stains

If you have any problems with removing stains from clothing and tight shoes, you can forget about them. Here are a few tricks that can help you.

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1) Baby powder

If you have an oily stain on your clothes, toss the baby powder and let it stay overnight.

2) Soda

Wash your shoes with baking soda, washing powder and a toothbrush to remove contaminants.

3) Ironing

Please allow five minutes before you wear clothes that you just have smoothened.

4) Freezer

Spread the tight shoes by placing bags of water in them and leave them in the freezer overnight.

5) Vinegar

If you do not want black jeans fade during washing, pour distilled vinegar in the last cycle in the washing machine.

6) Clean Leather

Use a combination of water and vinegar to remove water stains from the skin.

7) Wine

If you stain with red wine, use white wine to remove the stain.

8) Lemon juice

Spray shirts and t-shirts that have the stain of sweat lemon juice before you wash them.

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