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Enjoy it while you exercise 11 fitness tips for beginners

Regardless of the motive why you decided to go to deal with fitness or with any kind of recreation, see tips and recommendations on what you should do before training, what kind of equipment you should obtain and how you should work with a trainer.

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Stretching is required to heat during exercise and after exercise or running. While working with weights muscle to twitch, and stretching necessary

1) Clothing

When choosing what you will be training, you mustn’t get tight clothing, and you have to wear cotton clothing.

2) Bras

Always wear “sports” model to firmly hold the chest during physical activity.

3) Towel and slippers

Wear a towel and slippers to make sure that you protect yourself from possible infection. Do not sit there and go barefoot and naked in the locker room.

4)  Footwear

The last part of the shoe that you wear should be reinforced to the front. If you decide that you do play tennis, squash or table tennis is supposed to vouch for a flat sole shoes. At the training comes in one dress, and rehearse in the second.

5) Cooperation with instructor

Before exercise instructor tell which are the basic things about your lifestyle and meet him with their goals. Be sure to tell if you have any chronic diseases and disorders.

6) Breathing

It is important to breathe through the nose and not taking air during exercise, thinking that it will last longer effort. In this way, the body does not get needed oxygen. Proper is to breathe in the moment of his greatest efforts.

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7) Drink water
Sweating over the fitness lose minerals. Shall repay them with water. During the exercise should drink at least a liter of natural water. If you drink beverages opt for those that contain vitamin C as an antioxidant.

8) Warming

The training should not begin without heating. Prepared muscle is flexible and easy to submit to the effort, while the muscle that is not prepared to be cracked.

9) Meals and fitness

Avoid exercising the full, but completely empty stomach. If you are hungry, you will not have the energy and feel weakness. Pre-workout is best to eat a banana.

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10) Exercises and kilos
If the primary motivation for exercise to reduce overweight, do not worry about the results that shows the scale. Give a true picture of the mirror and wardrobe. The muscle is heavier than fat, so that it can gain muscle mass gain with fat deposits need not show on the scales as a smaller number of pounds.

11) Do not throw fats

It is important to establish the measure, and not to discard fat completely. Fat mass is energy stocks, which the body uses when they are needed. A balanced diet includes carbohydrates, proteins and fats in relation 40:30:30.

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