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Why the child needs sleep?

Beside for removing anxiety, child also needs a sleep for growth and health. His muscles, including the heart, are recovering during sleep. Sleep also controls the signals that determine whether a child is hungry or sieve in order to maintain optimal weight.

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Sleeping develops brain

While the child is in the country of dreams, the brain stores memories from that day, so that they can be recalled in the future. Also, sleep is an essential part of learning. A child needs to sleep in order to maintain the concentration at school. Quality sleep is needed so the child can perform more activities with fewer errors.

How much sleep do children need?

Children need more sleep than adults. Infants should sleep between 11-14 hours daily. Children aged 3-5 years, it is 11 to 13 hours. If the child is between 6 and 13 years, it takes 9-11 hours of sleep. Teenagers need 8 to 10 hours.

Should children take afternoon nap?

The child should take afternoon rest if didn’t sleep well at night. Most children stop with afternoon break after the fifth year. If your child still wants to take a nap, you must go to bed early.

How to get your child to go to bed early?

Going to bed does not have to be a struggle. Create a routine that includes even the weekends. This may include soothing bath or brushing teeth or always should end up in the bedroom. Plan enjoyable activities before bedtime, such as reading with poor light. Make sure the room is dark enough, cool, calm and without TV. Only use the bed for sleeping, without reading, doing homework or playing games.

Can teenagers go to sleep on time?

This is not a mission impossible, but not exactly easy. Teenagers tend to lie down late and long sleep. Ventilate the room, turn off the light and ask teens to turn off the TV, cell phone and computer. It probably will not be as easy as it sounds, but be persistent.

Should schools start later?

This is a controversial issue for the school and parents. Later, during the start of classes can give children an academic boost. Research shows that a longer sleep can encourage students to get better grades and better test results.

Is your child sleeping enough?

You will know that your child is not missing a break if you can nod off for 15 to 30 minutes after you go to bed. In the morning, it is easy to awaken and get out of bed. In addition, the child gets enough sleep if you do not late to school and there is no need for the afternoon break.

Can children have a sleep disorder?

Pay attention to snoring, long pauses between breaths or breathing difficulties during sleep, because it can be a sign of sleep disorders. Sleepwalking, nightmares or bed-wetting can also be signs of sleep disorders.

How to distinguish ADHD or sleep deprivation?

Adults and children do not behave the same when suffering from lack of sleep. Adults are slow and dying, and children can take aggressive and hyperactive behavior. This behavior resembles ADHD. A pediatrician can tell the difference, so it is sure to pay.

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