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The best and worst drinks before and after training

We are approaching the swimsuit season, and with it our increased need to go to the gym. Equally as important is the food we eat, it is important that we consume a drink before and after exercise. There are drinks that improve the results of our exercise, as well as those that slow them down.

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Pay attention to what you drink before and after training

Most of us can dehydrate in the gym and symptoms for organism dehydration are easily noticeable, hiccups during training, lack of mental and physical abilities, cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

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What to drink:

Are you surprised? Small doses of caffeine increases our physical stamina and relieves pain after training. One study showed that people who consumed before training two cups of coffee, endured more training.

How does this work? Caffeine blocks the pain from the muscles to the brain for half an hour, because half an hour before the workout, drink espresso. Experts recommend 2.3 milligrams of caffeine per kg of body weight one hour before training. If you stick to the prescribed value, you will dehydrate after training.

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Sour-cherry juice 
Tart cherry juice, rich in antioxidants, relieves inflammation and swelling after practice. Research conducted in the UK reveals that the muscles in runners who regularly drank cherry juice to pre-and post-workout, his muscles recover faster.

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Chocolate milk 
Chocolate milk has the right ratio of proteins and carbohydrates that regenerate tired muscles. One study found that milk stimulates the synthesis of muscle. In addition, sodium and sugar in milk increases the level of insulin in the body retains water and restores our energy.

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The study was conducted in Spain showed that beer quickly to any sports drink rehydrates the body after exercise. Like chocolate milk, beer has the right combination of carbohydrates and protein that the body recover after physical exertion and relieves pain.

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What you don’t have to drink: 

Energy drinks contain sugar and caffeine to kill training results. Rich in sugar are not good for re hydration of the body, a huge amount of caffeine in them act as diuretics.


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