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With dry skin brushing get rid of toxins and win cellulite

Even several centuries ago in Greece and Japan is used dry cleaning skin. They were typically using brushes made of corn cobs. Dry brushing is primarily used to clean the skin, and she became subsequently smooth and soft.

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In the last few decades the dry brush again returned as an integral part of skin care. Experts recommend it as an effective way of reducing the visibility of cellulite and release toxins from the body.

Wash skin with a brush made of natural materials is often recommended for people who have problems with the work of the lymphatic system. Increasingly used to reduce the visibility of cellulite because it will reduce the bumps and brushing layers of fat cells. However, you should know that cellulite will not disappear, but it will only reduce its visibility. Everyone is in the interest of the body rid of toxins. The removal of toxins play a major role liver and skin.
Wash skin may encourage health in different ways, especially because it is about the removal of toxins. The skin is the largest organ and skin brushing was great for the prevention and treatment of certain skin problems, especially fungal infections of the skin.

Stimulation of the work of the lymphatic system and blood circulation is probably the biggest advantage of brushing the skin. The lymphatic system is largely determined by the work of the immune system. It works by filtration. Improved blood circulation will improve liver function.

Many naturopaths stand out to dry washing the skin can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. The better the lymphatic system and blood circulation will definitely help in the elimination of toxins under the skin, which ultimately reduces the visibility of cellulite.

However, dry cleaning will not bring drastic changes in the skin. It all depends on how much it is actually your body of toxins accumulated in the last few years.

Some of the proven benefits of dry skin brushing:

  • removing dead skin cells
  • better blood circulation
  • increase energy levels
  • fresh feeling
  • unclogging
  • better functioning of the lymph system.

If you have started daily brushing the skin, it is best to do it before showering in the morning hours. Some of the useful tips that experts say are:

  • Use a brush made of natural materials.
  • Brush regularly, wash with soap and warm water.
  • Brush with long strokes, from the feet to the heart.

How to know that you properly wash your skin?

You know that brushing properly when the skin becomes pleasantly warm. After brushing you should feel comfortable stinging and burning.

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