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Mirrors attract positive energy

When choosing mirrors you should have a number of factors into account. First and foremost is to determine the place where the mirror will be placed, and then what function that should meet.

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Mirrors offer a reflection of what is in their immediate vicinity and that is what makes them so useful for feng shui. When choosing mirrors should have a number of factors into account. First and foremost is to determine the place where the mirror will be placed, and then what function should meet.

Mirrors in Feng Sui use to enlarge the space and energy, make up for the lack of a room, turned off the flow of positive energy (Sheng Chi) in the desired direction, or reject the negative energy (shar chi).

Prohibitions mirrors increase what you show, so if you create a reflection of anything that is unfavorable for good Feng Shui, it will increase even further. In fact, there are plenty of prohibition with respect to the mirrors.

It should never be placed so as to create a direct reflection of the front door, because so send all the positive energy that wants to come into our home directly to the outside. You can not set them up so that they create a reflection of toilets, bathrooms or kitchens. They must not show garbage cans piled mess or dirt of any kind.

Set in the bedroom, creating strife and misunderstanding between spouses. Whether you are on a wall, ceiling or closet – creating a reflection of people sleeping.

As far as selecting the position of the mirror, you know that it is a mirror of the water element and therefore should never be found in the southern sector of home.

Affordable setup: for example, in small rooms large mirror will create the illusion that the room is larger than it is. Mirror set in the dining room (not in the kitchen) so that it creates a reflection of the food on the table and the family that eats together will bring prosperity and harmonious family relations.

You may have noticed that more and more stores sets of mirrors so that they create a reflection of where the cash is.

The origin of this is found in feng shui theory mirror symbolically doubles the amount of money that enters the coffers, and thus brings positive energy that attracts more wealth. Also, in the stores used mirrors to increase the amount of optical goods on the shelves, which has a similar effect as the mirror next to the cash register.

A mirror can compensate for the lack of a room of irregular shape. You only need to set up a mirror on the wall who disturbs the proper shape of the room and symbolically – the mirror will extend the space in the direction where it is needed.

In the corridors which are of such a form that the energy flowing through them quickly, forcefully and travels directly to a room neglecting other, the mirror can not serve to divert energy and to other rooms in the home.

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