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Thinner thighs in just 7 days

Still bothering you that you cannot fit into your favorite pair of jeans,  practice every day! The truth is that many of the exercises use movements that are crucial for individual regions, which are easy to maintain fat. Thus, in just seven days and a maximum of 20 minutes of cardio program specifically designed for reducing the volume of the thigh, to achieve what you have long dreamed of.

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1) Riding bicycle in the air

Lie on your back and lift your legs “ride a bike” in the air. This is a great exercise for the muscles of the thighs and buttocks, which you can do while watching your favorite series on television, and the results will soon notice.

2) Do not forget squats

Bend your knees in a half squat, hands on hips, arms, or pike, and slowly lower yourself towards the floor until you feel tension and pain in the calf muscle. Straighten up and repeat the exercise at least eight times. When you get fit, you’ll be able to work in a larger series.

3) Best known exercise

Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, his hands spring next to the body and look straight up at the ceiling. Place the folded towel between your knees to the inner side of your thigh participated actively, to rise bottom. Repeat this exercise for more than 15 times in one series and do not forget to breath properly.

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