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The hair like straw

Shortening the length of the hair is extremely important for its quality and therefore, if you notice the following five changes to the hair, certainly you should go to the hairdresser.

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Although every day you meet your hair it you after a certain time returns disobedience?

When you notice it – means it’s time for a haircut!

1. Constantly raising the hair
Frequent lifting the hair in a bun or ponytail hairstyle reflects dissatisfaction disbanded. This often happens when the hair grows a lot, and except for the length, of course, change its structure, and the hairstyle loses its style.

2. The cracked ends
Most goes to the hairdresser only when notice chapped areas. Hairdressers point out that we are late then … The shortening peaks recommended for soft hair every six weeks, for a dense and firm every eight.

“Repeated use of presses for straightening and other devices for hair styling damage and deplete the hair, which is why you need a haircut every three weeks, in order to encourage the renewal of hair.”

3. Lifeless form
Do you have a stylish haircut, but she quickly loses its shape, lifeless strands fall …? This means that the length should be changed immediately! Vlachs are fed from the roots, and if the length becomes too sebum from the sebaceous glands do not arrive until the end of the hair.

With proper care, shampoo, conditioner and nettle tea (which is the best hair and pour such leave in the towel for half an hour and only dried) hair cut corners is necessary.

4. The hair soft as a feather
A lock of hair from the roots to grab her hand and gently glide to the top. The more you run away from your hand to the hair is weaker, and should be encouraged to regenerate. The daily Comb most common causes cracking of hairs and thinning. In addition to haircuts, hair should be provided with adequate care and nourishing masks. Do not forget it.

5. Too often use hair stylers
Presses (irons) hair were a big hit, but every expert points out that they are not intended for everyday use. In most cases, it is necessary to conduct pre pull hair brush, which is an additional stress dryer, and only afterwards to correct the Pres … move strainer per strand must be quick and smooth to prevent damage to a specific part of the hair, and the surface of pure iron how the hair would not melt.

However, frequent use of presses and other equipment damage and deplete the hair which is why in this case you need a haircut every three weeks, in order to encourage the renewal of hair.


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