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7 unusual uses of honey

Honey is a treasure trove of healthy ingredients, valuable gift of nature to our health. In addition to the food, here’s where you can still apply this healing foods.


For centuries bee “borrow” the honey and use it to the diet, and in the treatment of many health problems. It has the strong antibacterial properties, in particular if the color darker, therefore, previously been used for the treatment of wounds. Here are a few unusual but very useful tips for it.

Treatment of wounds

What has been effective for centuries earlier in Egypt, it seems today. If you need a fast and efficient solution for a cut, scratch or less severe wound, wash the injured area, pat dry and apply a bit of honey. In any case, it is best to see your doctor, but your honey can be first aid.

Against intestinal parasites

Mix together in a ratio of 1: 1: 1 water, vinegar and honey and drink. Maybe is not the perfect taste, but it can help to relieve mild intestinal infection. If symptoms persist, be sure to contact your doctor.

Hangover cure

The high content of fructose in honey helps the body for faster processing of alcohol, and after a stormy night, take a big spoon of honey and solve the headache. It is best to take honey with tea, because hydration helps the body to recover faster.

Face wash

It can be used as a natural peeling. Wash your face with honey and warm water and face will be smooth. Also, the honey will help to resolve the irregularities on the skin and pimples. If you have a stubborn pimple, apply some honey on it, wait for half an hour, then rinse.

For additional energy

You feel that you don’t have a power? Eat a spoonful of honey and the energy and enthusiasm will be returned.

Contributes to better sleep

It can reduce the level of stress hormones that prevents you fall asleep and relax. If you have trouble falling asleep, eat only a little honey.


Put honey on the ends, rinse it and prevent cracking areas. Also, the honey will make your hair shinier and softer.


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