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The ideal time to eat

Who eats at the optimal time and keeps the routines have better digestion and stimulates the metabolism to work faster, according to a study of the British company Forza Supplements to more than 1,000 people.

eat breakfast


According to their findings, early breakfast is a key element in losing weight, and the optimal time for the first meal of the day is seven hours and 11 minutes.

If you are going to succeed in the idea to lose weight then you need to set for lunch between 12:30 and 13 o’clock.

Dinner later than 18:30 is the most common diet saboteur.

More than 84 percent of people who lose weight and successfully keep weight down had one and the same routine: eating at specific times of the day and skipping meals long term proved to be a bad idea for weight loss.

More than three-quarters of people claim that a light lunch is not the best idea for those on a diet, because it causes a great hunger and binge eating for dinner.

Evening calories are the most important ones are the most common cause of weight problems. Although starve all day, a rich dinner will ruin all the efforts of weight loss that you download during the day.


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