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Healthy home cleaning

TV stations air commercials everyday on various magical preparations for cleaning the apartment in no time removing mold, dirt, odors and dust. Have you ever wondered what they contain? What are the elements that work so well? Is it harmful to our health? Of course, damages and our health and the environment, ie. environment. Living healthier does not mean a healthy diet, recreational sport, more sleep and days without cigarettes and alcohol, but also cleaning with natural products.


How can we prepare the whole apartment without chemicals? It’s easy and secure! In this article, we will describe the natural resources that can be found in the kitchen and home. Easy to prepare and use, see how!

The first natural cleaning products that we introduce is soda. We’ve all been faced with this product, but not sure that we use it for cleaning. I have to admit that it is a multifunctional agent that cleans the whole house. It is very good for neutralizing odors and drain cleaning. Pour 2 tablespoons soda the drain and pour the hot water. The problem will be solved in a jiffy. For the cleaning of burnt pans is sufficient soda bucket and a few drops of water which has to stand for one day. The next day can be easily washed. In addition, it is good for scrubbing various surfaces, bleach or machine to remove mold.

Following a natural product, we also find in the kitchen. Vinegar, as well as the previous agent, is very topical in the family to live healthy and protect the environment. Vinegar is commonly used for cleaning fatty areas or for hand and machine dishwashing. It is also recommended for the removal of limescale in the bathroom. It is necessary to scale pour a little vinegar and let sit for 10 minutes, and then just wipe the surface.

Salt as our grandmothers used. It is best for cleaning dirty dishes and small debris on clothing. Put a small amount on the machine and wet it with warm water, then let stand for 10 minutes, after which it can rub and wash with clean water.

Baby oil or olive oil is used for polishing laminate, flooring or furniture. To neutralize the smell you can put it in the fridge or freezer half a lemon or lime. The same fruit is ideal for washing or disinfecting.

To refresh a room, put in a cloth a few rose petals or other flower. Tie a small package with a pretty ribbon and spray it with essential oils. Long you will be able to enjoy your favorite fragrance.


Photo by Alan Cleaver / CC BY

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