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How to burn 60% more calories during exercise?

No matter what kind of shape you are in, these simple tricks can help you increase your calorie consumption during exercise and speed up the weight loss process. Best of all is that each of these tricks you can implement easily. If are you going to practice them more often, then your body will consume more calories even at the stage of sleep.

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Swing your arms

As you walk or run, bend your arm at an angle of 90° and move them into line with the rest of the body. Besides you will be faster, this will help you to spend as much as 15% of calories. For even better results, move the entire upper body, waist and rotate.

Listen to music

Appropriate music can do wonders in terms of calorie consumption and weight loss. Studies have shown that listening to your favorite music during exercise can encourage a person to exercise as much as 20% longer and thus spend more calories. Music improves mood and helps you to maintain uniform rhythm exercise.

Use weights

When we talk about consumption of calories during the exercise, are not so important how many repetitions the load you are using. Occasional increasing the weight of the weights will drastically speed up the metabolism and consume 25% more calories. Studies have shown that exercising with weights increases caloric expenditure during sleep and sleep, for as much as 8%.

Drink cold water

Cold water will increase your energy level allowing you to exercise longer and harder. People who like to drink cold water during training exercise about 25% longer than those who drank the same amount of hot water.

Exercise in the open

Treadmill running is good for your body and fitness, but it is much better to run in the fresh air. Studies have shown that exercising in the fresh air we spend as much as 10% more calories compared to when in the closed practice.

Make your workouts short and intense

A short but intense training will give much better results than training that takes a long time, but it is less pronounced. One survey of scientists in Australia has shown that women who work 3 week intensive training for 20 minutes faster loss of excess weight, compared to those who exercised more and longer lower intensity.

Do not skip stretching

Stretching keeps muscles flexible. After each workout, aerobic bio or not, do one long and well stretching. Muscles will thus recover faster, and you’ll be ready for the next training much sooner than you would be if you did not make stretching. Stretching after exercise is important because it forces put a lot of load on the muscles. Stretching will allow freer movement during aerobic workouts, faster build muscle mass during strength training, and will also hold a spindle-shaped muscles giving you slimmer, but not nabildan appearance.

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