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Sexy ideas for all shades of blond hair

Women with blond hair invest a lot of effort for perfect look – when it comes to hair care. At your disposal there are a lot of nuances, and we present the sexiest.

blond hair - women

Baby blond

If you want this shade prepare for the obligation. The famous stylist at hair Kim Vo says that outgrowth should be painted every three weeks. Given the fact that bleaching damage hair, Kim advises that you be brief and will often clipped. Cute but demanding color.

Hot blond

The trick is to choose a shade that will add warmth site. If you want this kind of tone between visits to the hairdresser apply a blond dressing the hair and it will fill those places where the paint has washed away.

Color of butter

Color root must match the color of your eyes. Consider strands caramel color that will accentuate your eyes.

The shade of sand

Beautifully balanced strands of cold and warm blond are a great way to get the depth of the hair. This is because the most rewarding shade may be adapted for years. In the winter wear more darker streaks, cold summer, warm in contrast color.

Washed blond

The hair outgrowth is not painted over by Gisele Bunsen, but the darker roots. This is great for women who can quickly see the outgrowth .

Blond brown

Hair like a Taylor Swift is currently the most wanted shade of blond. It seems the most natural and the most difficult to achieve by painting. It is red, almost brown shade and only the best hairdressers will know that “guess”. Many will think that you are a brunette, since this is the darkest shade of blond.


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