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How to get rid of dandruff

Not at all pleasant or aesthetic effects. It occurs due to the regeneration of skin cells and the elimination of dead cells. How soon will this phenomenon occur deciding factors, such as the ingredients in the shampoo, the possible presence of a hormonal disorder, exposure to stress, impaired immune system, and inclement weather.


There is a way to combat this unpleasant phenomenon. Regularly washing your hair, use proper shampoo and rinse carefully you should get results. If, despite these measures, dandruff disappears, start using a medicated shampoo. In the event that this does not give results, you notice itching and redness of the scalp, consult a dermatologist, because there is a possibility that it is not about dandruff, seborrhea but about which manifests itself in a similar manner.

Some people never fail to completely solve this problem, especially when it comes to oily skin. Dandruff mostly occurs in people younger and middle age, rarely in older people. In addition, it was observed that men in most cases have this problem than women, and it is assumed that the reason for male hormones and sebaceous glands.

If zinc, vitamin B, and certain types of fats in the deficit, it favors the creation of dandruff. It is possible to suppress this unpleasant phenomenon, although it is necessary to be patient and determined. When choosing a shampoo opt for those that contain zinc, salicylic acid, selenium sulfide, and the like. To avoid actions mentioned ingredients, the shampoo on your hair needs to rest for at least five minutes.

To reduce the risk of dandruff – stay away from stress and take care of a healthy diet and spend more time in the fresh air. If your scalp is oily, you need daily washing and the use of products such as paints, gels and foams minimized or completely eliminated.

A few drops of lemon juice, apply on hair, gently massage and wait a quarter of an hour to rinse. Using the proper shampoo after the procedure described in particular contributes to strengthening the hair follicles and combating dandruff.


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