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Tips for skin care in the spring

The change of seasons, temperature and weather conditions require a certain change in the daily routine when it comes to skin care. Here’s what you need to change to adapt to your daily routine with arrival of spring.

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Protect your skin from the sun

As soon as days got warmer, please make sure your moisturizer contain adequate protection from the sun. If not, replace it with new one that contain adequate protection against UVA and UVB rays. Most of us are often omitted this time of year and just forget how the sun’s rays can be strong in the spring.

Start by taking supplements

If your skin despite the change care products remains tight, dry and flaky it’s time to take some drastic measures as the cold winter air can really leave a strong impact. To hydrate the skin the best way is to use creams that contain hyaluronic acid and are rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids can enter the body through certain foods or supplements, because beauty really comes from within. Eat more fish (salmon, tuna) and nuts.

Invest in quality products for facial cleansing

Spring is a great time of year to devote thorough cleaning of the face and invest in quality products. Also, it is very important that the person cleans gently, without haste, when applying cleanser gently rub it in your face gently with circular movements of fingers and focus on the most critical parts of the face.

Do not forget the cleavage

Spring and we can not wait to show a little more skin and take off layers of warm wardrobe so it is important not to neglect any part of the body when caring for your skin, especially cleavage that you will surely have more to show. Every time you clean your face, apply the scrub, toner or moisturizer, be sure to treat and neckline. Women often devote too much attention to the face, forgetting the neckline on which the first notice the first signs of aging, but they certainly does not want.

Piling to the rescue

After a winter skin peels it’s necessary to remove dead cells from the skin at least twice a week. Looking for body scrubs that contain lactic acid and retinol, a substance that gently removes dead cells from the skin and make it smooth and silky. It may sound like a buzz word with some advertising, but it is really so. The reason why the peel is very important is that your skin after removing the dead skin cells to better absorb moisturizer and humidity is automatically increased.

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