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Furnish the bedroom with the help of Feng Shui: Pastel colors and a good bed are a recipe!

To make your bedroom representing space for rest and relaxation, it is essential to set up by Feng Shui and leave nothing to chance

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The bedroom is a room in which to rest and where are renewing your energy. Its interior is to provide a relaxed feeling and feel peace of mind. This chamber is therefore desirable to arrange according to Feng Shui, in accordance with the principle of yin.

The choice of colors

Bedroom is the reproductive system. It is very important for health as it recovers from the stress and daily effort. Before the selection of furniture, the most important is to paint the walls the colors that will support their actions good psychophysical condition of people who spend the night in it.

In the bedroom is always advised only bright and pastel shades and are ideal light-blue, purple, pink and green.

The blue color reduces stress, encourages self-development and wisdom, symbolized by its reliability and durability. It brings peace and combat fighting. Purple is the color of honesty, but it’s great for meditation and self-perception. Stimulate the libido and fertility.

The green color ensures peace and harmony and symbolizes a fruitful relationship.

Pink is suitable for women’s rooms because it improves the feminine, and activates a romantic mood.

White is a neutral color, symbolizing purity, is allowed in the bedroom, but not overly.

The red color is not recommended for bedrooms, except the odd detail, if necessary awaken sexual desire.

It is important to note that all the fabrics in the room should be recommended in these colors – curtains, bed sheets, blankets and decorative pillows.

The best choice for the baby bedding colorful patterns because of the confusion and anxiety and can interfere with good sleep. Floral and plant designs are not favorable for married couples because they can lead to adultery.

The most important is the bed

A key element of the bedroom certainly is the bed and he always carefully choose. Make it large enough, regardless of whether you sleep alone or with a partner so you can feel comfortable and relaxed.

The mattress should be at least twenty inches longer than the height of the body, so if you are tall, you buy a bed made ​​to measure. On the other hand, if you have low growth or only sleep alone, watch out, because a bed that is too roomy size for your needs excess exposes you to various aspects of life.

Ideal beds are made of quality wood and regular in shape. Avoid metallic materials, semi-circular and asymmetrical design. The headboard is recommended, but the full form, without designed decorative openings. The lower part of the bed is not recommended to be great because it is associated with inhibition.

Double bed should have just one big mattress as two separate because it causes fragmentation and lack of intimacy between spouses.

Separate bedding is allowed, but a better choice is a great cover and even shared a long pillow, if you manage to get.

The bed should be placed so that the head of the bed leaning against the wall, and he is available without access to the other three sides.

The headboard should not be on the same side where the door and window. If there is no other solution, the window at night to block out the thick, completely opaque curtain.

Worth the opposite: the goal should not be to the door and window that position because you can bring conflicts in relationships. In the morning, after waking up, it is advisable to make the bed and keep it tidy.

On the bed during the day, do not keep clothes that you used and dirty laundry. A bedding shall be made of natural materials.


The choice of cabinets and other furniture

The basic rule is that all the pieces of furniture in the bedroom should be unobtrusive forms, best rounded edges, especially the furniture directly see the whip-poor in bed.

Prohibited are all open shelves whose sharp blades cut space and symbolically threaten the bedroom. Wardrobes should not be massive, but short.

A perfect choice as closets delicate lines that reach to the ceiling, so do not leave visual gaps along the wall. In these clothes should be neatly categorized and complex.

Bedside cabinets are placed symmetrically in pairs so as not to disturb the harmony of the relationship. It’s the same with lamps. The bedroom is more suited to milder lighting. And for good romantic lighting will be used candles.

All fabrics in the room are a soft touch, and lowered the blinds or curtains drawn thick required during the night, especially if the window is open.

Carpet covering the entire floor supports gentle, relaxed atmosphere. Do not work in the room to sleep, bringing computers and other electronic devices.

Exercise equipment here is also not desirable. A mobile phone alarm instead, the purpose of the alarm clock rather use classic watches.

Avoid metal furniture and metal springs in mattresses because they alter the magnetic field and creates an unfavorable energy flow.

Careful with pictures

In the bedroom never expose common photos with a partner, married or other family portraits because it does not bring happiness in this place, but on the contrary – the loss of love. The wall above the headboard should be free of pictures. On the other side, you can hang calming motives, e.g. landscape with mountains in gold. Pictures of an even number amplify intimacy.

Avoid all mirrors and shiny glass surfaces that reflect light, because they cause strife, loss of love, attract disease and premature death. Frame the picture with no protective glass. The TV and all devices with screens are not welcome in the bedroom.

Attracting Love and Health

The south side bedroom is the most responsible for a balanced partnership. This sector will activate with ocher and corresponding symbols. Table covered with ocher cloth, decorate an object that signifies marital happiness. For example, a pair of mandarin ducks because the duck species living in a lifelong monogamous community and is highly respected symbol of Feng Shui.

Plants in this room are not recommended in any form, except in case of illness. If a family member is ill, set the lush, green plant in the eastern part of the room to foster the recovery. Applying these rules will achieve a harmonious loving relationship and to protect the health of the genitals.


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