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Estrogen is “guilty” for the absence of orgasm

Unorgasm, or the inability to achieve orgasm is common in young women that are using different diets and those in menopause.

estrogen orgasm

In both cases, for the lack of orgasm is guilty the chronic lack of estrogen, sex hormone, which contributes to the achievement of “orgasmic platform” and very intense state of arousal that is maintained throughout the entire relationship.

In young women it is manifested by amenorrhea (irregular menstrual cycle), while those in menopause are complain of vaginal dryness.

How to solve this problem

Two or three times a week (it decides on the basis of physician dosing hormones) use compression of estradiol, which you would put on the bottom of the vagina. The doctor can also prescribe a gel, vaginal creams or vaginal estriol base. Vaginal lubrication improves immediately, even after the first application. All this you can do only with prior consultation of a doctor.


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