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Easy fitness tips for a flat stomach

Fat from the abdomen is the most difficult to take it off, but with targeted exercises and diet you will achieve awesome results – a nice stomach without “a hose”.

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Basic crunches
Although exercise has many stomach, classic crunches are the most effective. It is important to make slow movements.

  1.  Lie on your back, legs bent at the knees, feet flat on the floor and your hands next to your ears.
  2. Flex the shoulder forward and your lower back stays on the floor. Tighten your abs, exhale while lifting and inhale as you lower. Each repetition should take away about four to five seconds.
  3.  Two sets of 12-15 reps every other day

Imagine grapefruit

One of the biggest peas that people make when doing crunches is that they lowers their head. This strain your neck and draws the focus away from your abs. Each time you do the exercises for the stomach on the floor, imagine that there is a grapefruit stuck between your chin and chest.

Practice feeding stomach

The effect is twofold: Pull in your stomach and you automatically look slimmer. But that’s not all! Repeat this several times a day, trying to stay in that position for a few seconds. This will strengthen the muscles and solve the problem of protruding belly.

Eat whole meal bread

It has been found that people who eat more whole grains have less of fat, including fat in the abdomen. Whole grains makes you feel full longer because they digest than processed grains. Never eat dinner at least three hours before going to bed.

Do not eat sweets and snacks. Beer, soft drinks and sweetened fruit juices are allowed.

More laughter – less coating

Depression and stress are closely associated with the accumulation of fat in the abdomen depriving it of a regular diet. That is why there is a sudden drop in blood sugar, and binge eating, which promotes deposition of fat in the waist. This kind of fat is most difficult to lose, so instead of worrying invite your friends to join us and give yourself a dose of laughter, which strengthens the abdominal muscles.

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