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Alternatives to formula milk

Although breast milk is the best food for babies many mothers are, unfortunately, forced to give them formula milk. However, there are alternatives.

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All will, rightly, to recommend the longer breastfeeding a child, because it is really crucial to his health. There is no better way to give him all the necessary nutrients. However, a number of mothers, usually because of complications and health reasons, can not breastfeed. Are forced to give children adapted food. However, many believe that these children do not have to exclusively be behind children who were breastfed for a full year or two. Many mothers have proper nutrition (when the child move to pureed and solid food), has greatly strengthened the children’s immunity. Some of them have to cope with this problem by using an alternative to formula milk. This is done because they were convinced that this type of milk is quite poor due to various additives.


Knowing how important breast milk some mothers have managed to find lactating women ready to give them regular baby food. Also, there is now an option so-called donor milk, and milk banks. These options are still being debated, and the availability of donor breast milk is very limited.

Goat milk

Of course, babies can not take just ordinary cow, nor any other milk. Not only do they have all the necessary nutrients for the baby’s development, but also can be very difficult for the baby’s digestion.

An alternative is always mentioned goat’s milk, which has the best ratio of nutrients and babies it can quite easily digest. The most similar in composition to breast milk. Today there are a lot of baby organic milk and is usually based on goat milk powder. Goat milk gives babies a sufficient amount of fat and protein and certain vitamins and minerals, but it lacks folic acid and vitamin B12. Usually this milk (if you buy organic verified) has specificity of folic acid and vitamin B12 to get special adapted baby formula. It can be added to corn syrup or healthier versions like brown rice syrup for more calories. Some mothers are feeding their babies with the milk, but always mixed with liquid vitamins for babies.

Goat’s milk also does not contain allergens that are found in cow’s milk, which can be harmful to the baby.

Mothers who gave children this alternative formula it’s recommended that they did not just give it to the baby. Let that be a substitute for the period when you do not have milk (a few days), when to supplemental feeding a child or when a baby starts to eat solid food and.

This formula is made from fresh organic milk or milk powder, and additional liquid baby vitamins. There is a multiplicity of certified manufacturers offer this as a healthier alternative to the formula for the baby.

Domestic formula milk

Recipes for these types of milk, which circulate on the Internet, still elicit much debate. Unfortunately, many who are not well tested and that were only good for some babies, while others were bad choice. Not only goat milk from which it can make baby formula. It is very important that each has the perfect proportions of calories, proteins, fats and vitamins.

Many pediatricians do not recommend themselves “mix” these mixtures for babies. Be sure to talk to your pediatrician about possible alternatives.

We recommend that you seek some safe manufacturers of organic baby adapted milk, preferably based on a formula with goat milk. Before you change your baby formula always consult a doctor.

Keep in mind that breast milk is naturally ideally baby food and supplies will be adjusted to the baby’s needs. Therefore, you do not give up breastfeeding because of the small obstacles. It is vitally important for your toddler. It is the first most important link in his growing up.

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