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Natural skin care in winter

In addition to the low temperatures, wind and cold on the skin very badly affects the air conditioning, heating, dry air and too warm water used in the shower, bathe and washing our hands. Detrimental effect of all these factors will mitigate if you follow these tips.

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Take a shower every day, but keep an eye on the water temperature. If you spend most of your time tucked under a blanket is quite normal that you will sweat and that’s why zii shower on a daily basis is necessary. What you should avoid are prolonged baths in very warm water that will further dry out the skin. In winter you take a shower quickly and efficiently.

Hydrate skin frequently during the day. In winter, use oil-based products, which have a fairly powerful properties for skin care. Lubricate hands and face as many times during the day coconut or shea butter that bring natural relief when it comes to dry skin. Also they do not have any adverse impact, the skin absorbs them quickly and completely natural.

Especially take care of the foot. Feet in the winter a little more sweat because they are more commonly kept cool and that’s why there is a need of special care. Wear socks made of natural fibers such as wool or cotton because they allow the skin to breathe. Also, be sure to take time as much as you can spend barefoot.

Adjust selection of clothing season. When replacing the shoes make sure that it is completely dry from sweat and moisture before re volume because this moisture causes an unpleasant smell and all the bad things that come with it. When it comes to wardrobe, it is important to dress in layers, to use clothes from natural earth materials that allow the skin to breathe, and under thick woolen sweaters always dress cotton undershirt or shirt to avoid irritation.

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