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Lemon and wine for better digestion

How many times did you go after big dinner and promised yourself that you will be more moderate in the food and drink, a new spare stomach sick and digestion problems? If you have not resisted the temptation, try to alleviate the consequences.

digestion lemon and wine

  • Spoon of baking soda and apple cider vinegar are safe “drug” against nausea. Pour them into water and drink it as soon as you feel that you have received.
  • Minerals, especially potassium and magnesium, a good effect on the stomach and relieves the feeling of fullness, so the next big meal should enter them into the body. Most of them are in green leafy vegetables.
  • The effects of calorie snacks “will cure” and lemons. Wring it in a glass of water and drink it as soon as possible, because this fruit improves digestion and speeds up the breakdown of food.
  • A glass of red wine, which contains antioxidants, breaks down fats. But remember – 2 dl are healing for the stomach, and more than that just does not help.

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