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What foods should not be eaten together?

foods olive and bread

Fruit during or after meals


  • strawberry salad
  • Fruit salsa on fish or meat
  • apple pie or fresh berries for dessert.


Fruit flies through the digestive system. When you mix the fruit with the food which takes longer to digest, such as meat or cereal, fruit stays in your stomach longer and begins to ferment and act like sugar.

Fruit is best to eat just because you need to give you energy and keep you fuller for. Do not mix fruits with carbohydrates or proteins.

Fruit eat 30 to 60 minutes before meals. When the fruit is eaten before meals on an empty stomach, it will prepare the digestive system to what awaits him. The water will wash the fruit and hydrate the digestive system, the fibers will encourage clean and enzymes activate the digestive process. If you eat fruit after a meal, wait at least 3 hours.

Animal protein and starch


  • Meat and potatoes
  • Chicken and pasta
  • sandwich of turkey.


When you eat animal protein with carbohydrates, releasing various digestive juices. Proteins will rot and ferment carbohydrates. The result of bloating and gas.

Mixing protein and carbohydrates makes unhealthy eating. If you have not noticed that this combination of foods cause digestive discomfort, feel free to continue.

Stir animal proteins or starches with vegetables. If you want to mix animal protein with starch, definitely on a plate, add leafy green vegetables to reduce the negative side effects.

Fats with the wrong food


  • olives with bread
  • tuna with mayonnaise
  • Meat fried in vegetable oil.


Digesting these combinations can cause digestive problems. A large amount of fat in combination with proteins slows the welding. Fats and oils should be combined in accordance with those of the digestive system of the individual.

Use a small amount of fat and select sunflower, olive or coconut oil, especially while you cook vegetables, grains and proteins. With the best fat goes green leafy vegetables.

Liquids during meals


  • water during meals
  • juice during meals
  • tea immediately after a meal.


Water leaves the stomach within 10 minutes. Juice within 15 to 30 minutes. Any fluid will decrease the release of enzymes which are necessary for the breakdown of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

At least 10 minutes before a meal, drink as much water as you want. After eating wait at least an hour before reaching for any liquid.

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