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Women are more tired than men

The study of American scientists has confirmed what has long been thinking – women are often tired and stressed.

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Feelings of fatigue and restlessness were the most common in younger people, as scientists are not too surprising. In fact, previous studies have shown that the happiest people are the ones of the third age. At least they are exposed to stress, find inner peace, and were taught to take care of themselves.

Participants were asked to complete a survey that contained questions about how often you feel tired – weekly, daily, monthly and yearly.

In men aged 18-44 years 18% of them reported that every day or once a week feeling tired. Even 23% of women in the same age group has reported the same.

In persons older than 75 years, 11% of men said that every day or once a week, feel tired, and the same was said from 16% of women.

The scientists, whose research appears in the journal Morbidity and Mortality Week Report, point out that exposure to sources of unrest often can not be avoided, but need to learn to deal with them. The key is to do something that relaxes you to avoid the negative effects of stress.


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