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Work and pregnancy: What you need to know?

Working during pregnancy is not always easy. Learn how to deal with symptoms, stay healthy, and do the job properly.

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Most women continue to work during pregnancy,. It is a challenge for every future mother. You should be aware that you do certain tasks can be overwhelming, and that you can no longer work at the same pace.

To alleviate nausea at work keep away from all the “trigger” vomiting. More often nibble something. Let it be dried fruit and crackers. Ginger tea may also be helpful. Drink plenty of fluids and keep a water bottle on the desk and “sip” from time to time.

You will feel tired and sometimes frequent breaks at work almost impossible. Eat foods rich in iron and protein. Choose red meat, chicken, seafood (not recommended if you are sick of it), cabbage, peas, cereals. Take breaks, short but frequent. Get up a little, walk, stretch. When no one is looking, close your eyes, stretch your legs and breathe deeply.

Exercise. Although you may have the last note, exercise helps to be stronger, less that you have back pain, especially if you sit at the computer.

In bed, go early. You need seven to nine hours of sleep. Ensure all necessary comfort in the room, add more pillows if necessary.

At work provide a good chair with armrests and padded back. And if you have to wait, try the “fruit stand”, or from time to time raise one, then the other leg. Wear comfortable shoes.

Lower the stress. Make a list of things you have to do and prioritize. Seek the help of a colleague. Work periodically and breathing exercises.

By no means do not lift heavy things, and if you need to stoop, bend your knees and squat down. Also, you can not work overtime, be exposed to noise and strong vibration machine.

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