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Improve the health with three-minute exercise!

Despite the fact that we know very well how much physical activity is healthy, it helps us sleep better, improve brain function, helps us to lose weight and makes us happier can be a really big challenge to regularly go to the gym, aerobics classes or Pilates. What if we told you that you need only three minutes of exercise a week to be healthy?

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Science says that only 60 seconds of high intensity exercise can make healthier because it is equivalent to 10 minutes of exercise and all you need to do that this intensity exercise three times a week and you will eventually get 30 minutes of exercise a medium high intensity. Does not sound so bad, right? We certainly can not say that you have three minutes a week!

Do these figures had occurred because the scientists investigated muscle biopsies and measured the aerobic endurance, blood pressure and blood sugar levels in a group of obese and physically inactive men and women. After that they asked for volunteers to do a ten-minute exercise on a stationary biuiciklu consisting of 20 seconds of heating, then the driving light intensity, interrupted with 20 seconds sprint and finally cooling. Volunteers are regularly practiced three times a week, six weeks before retesting.

There is a conclusion that is only 30 minutes of exercise per week, which includes only three minutes of high intensity exercise is enough to notice the difference. When volunteers to increase endurance by 12 percent, and the press of blood was normoalniji than before. Men were even recorded and better control of blood sugar.

What can I say, you no longer have any excuse not to exercise because instead of riding your bike and you can run, only it is important that you follow these tips.

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