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Are you sure you eat healthy?

We all know in theory about what are the main rules for eating healthy, but in practice the situation is somewhat different. Have you ever wondered how do you know if you really keep it well and that you need something to change?

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The good thing is that your body will need to make it clear that you eat healthy, just listen to your body, keep track of all changes and you will know. Healthy food includes plenty of organic fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes and whole grains. Here are some clear signs that say you eat properly and do not need to change anything.

Do you have a regular stool. Constipation is one of the symptoms that you are not eating properly, a regular stool every day is a sign that the way you eat is satisfying. If you do not go to the toilet every day add to your diet more fruits and vegetables that contain fiber, legumes and whole grains.

You do not have to watch the calories. If all the time you need to watch how many calories you enter, then it is more likely to eat too much industrially processed foods, sugary drinks, cheese and meat products. If you eat natural unprocessed foods, you will not gain weight and you will not have the need for counting calories.

The mood does not vary. There are many factors that affect mood changes, including alcohol, caffeine and sugars that influence mood swings and anxiety. If you use these foods moderately mood should be stable.

You are hydrated. Dehydration is usually the product is missing fluids in the body and too much sugar, caffeine and alcohol. It usually causes a thirstiness, dry mouth, dry skin and dried cells throughout the body. Drink more water and eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in water.

Do you have enough energy during the day. If you eat healthy you should not have problem with energy during the day, you should not feel exhausted. If you hardly support yourself on your feet for the end of the working day with your diet then there is something wrong. The reason for this is usually an excess of caffeine or carbohydrates during the day.

Good sleep. Many things can affect the good dream, and among them is poor diet. If you keep it, do not use harmful ingredients so you don’t have trouble sleeping. If you eat heavy meals before bedtime your liver will work throughout the night, and this can affect your ability to fall asleep.

Mostly cook homemade food. This is one of the sure signs that you keep well, because only by cooking a meal from start to finish without the purchase of food you can be absolutely sure what really enters into your body. Try to cook every day and to wear brunch and lunch to work that you have prepared the night before.

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