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Slightly different kefir

We know that kefir is made from cow’s milk and kefir grains, but have you thought about a slightly different tastes?


Why not consider goat’s milk, and even coconut (or coconut water)? The taste is phenomenal, so why you don’t make yourself? Some fresh fruit and honey mixed in a smoothie in a delightful breakfast.

Kefir – making process

Prepare a pot, a large spoon – wooden, plastic or a stainless steel, thicker gauze or strainer. Of course, this is just the tool you need, and 1 tablespoon of kefir grains and 250 ml of milk (this time try the coconut – something new is always welcome).

Coconut milk or coconut water warm at 86 F, add those grains, sip all in a jar and mix thoroughly. Cover thicker gauze and tie with a rubber band (kefir needs to “breathe”). Leave the mixture to ferment at room temperature (18-24 hours for cow or goat milk, coconut milk for 18-36 and 24-48 coconut water).

When you pass a period of fermentation, shake it, strain and is ready to drink. The rest of kefir grains, wash and re-mix them with milk. The process can be repeated every day, a number of kefir grains will only grow. After you have them so that you will be able to give them away.

A simpler way to create that warm, uncooked milk (if it comes to cow or goat) only mix with kefir grains and put jars, covered with gauze for 24 hours. After that strain (mandatory for plastic strainer) and drink or mix it with fruit.

Of course, you should bear in mind this – the different milk – different kefir. Cow or goat milk will be (when it becomes kefir) thick and will have a distinctive sour taste.

Coconut milk one has a lot of different taste, not sweet and is much less dense. When it comes to coconut water, you get a “air” drink and it’s less sweet.

If you say this is kefir, you need to know:

Metal utensils when preparing is not allowed, because this way you will damage the grains of kefir and they become unusable. (Choose wood, plastic or stainless steel).

Grains can be refrigerated for seven days or more if you put them in a little milk.

You will get lot of grains. Every time you will have twice as much, give them to someone.

In addition to the aforementioned milk, you can use: rice and almond milk. It is recommended, however, that the kefir grains are kept in cow’s milk.

Kefir is regarded as a cure for high blood cholesterol, gallstones, heart disease and blood vessels, regulation of blood pressure, anti-inflammatory.

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