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You certainly did not know this about calcium

Surely you know that calcium is one of the most important minerals without which our bodies can not function properly. We now discover the lesser known facts about calcium that will help you better understand what kind of benefit we have of him.

milk calcium

It is known that calcium in the body has a very good impacts, and only some of them are:

  • Building healthy bones and teeth and maintaining them strong through the years.
  • It is essential for the transmission of impulses through the nerve.
  • Promotes blood clotting.
  • It helps muscles move.
  • Regulates heart rhythm.

In addition to these well-known, it has some hidden benefits on the human body, and some of the most important are:

Lack of calcium causes kidney stones. It is well known that the majority of kidney stones are created by calcium when mixed with phosphorus or oxalates, it is less well known that a lack of it can cause kidney stones. Namely, the lack of calcium in the body is caused to increase the level of the oxalate, thus creating kidney stones. To prevent this phenomenon itself provide a sufficient amount of calcium intake.

Do you need it’s supplements? Every day we lose calcium through the skin, nails, hair, sweat, urine and stool, but our bodies are unable to produce new calcium. If through food, getting enough calcium, then you do not need supplements. Moreover the body better absorbs it from food than from supplements and calcium so be sure to enter naturally.

Milk or spinach? Did you know that in 100g of spinach has 99 mg of calcium, while in the same amount of skim milk is 125 mg. To admit not a huge difference, but milk has the advantage over the spinach, and here’s why. Studies have shown that ca from milk is absorbed into the body as much as five times better than from spinach.

You need calcium to sleep better. The human brain uses calcium to produce a substance that causes sleep known as melatonin. Studies have shown that lack of sleep, especially REM sleep associated with a lack of it, a good night’s sleep is needed for bone health.

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