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Symptoms of cancer that people usually ignore

Before determine that you cough is just another cold, look for a doctor to see once again what it was.

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The most recent survey, more than 50 percent of adults have experienced some of these symptoms of, and only two percent of them actually thought it was cancer. See which are the most common symptoms are ignored.

Continuous cough or hoarseness

Cough seems naive and when we mostly think of the cold, but if he is persistent and does not stop, it is necessary to re-contact the doctor. Especially if it comes to cough accompanied with blood. These symptoms usually indicate lung cancer.

Changes in the stomach

If you often stomach pain or if the digestion of food is not the same as before, especially if the chair is a different texture or shape, can be a sign that it is cancer of the colon.

Urine and bleeding

Blood in the urine can be a sign that it is cancer of the bladder or kidneys, and may be it is a urinary tract infection. First check whether the infection, and then go on to further research.

Permanent unexplained pain

Most of the pain that occasionally occur are not cause for alarm, but when pain persists, then it should be checked. If you have constant headaches, does not necessarily mean you have cancer of the brain, but it is necessary to see a doctor and see what’s wrong.

Changes in the appearance of moles

Although all the stains do not indicate melanoma, the new designation of any shape and size of the slick means that something happened that immediately you have to check with your dermatologist.

The wound that does not heal

If due to some injuries you have a wound that does not go for two weeks, it is definitely time to consult a doctor.

Unexpected bleeding

Bleeding outside the menstrual cycle can be a sign of early cervical cancer, while bleeding from the rectum suggests colon cancer.

Weight loss

You are not on a diet and lose weight. This symptom is an indication that something in your body is not functioning properly and that you need medical help.

Unexplained growths

The growths can often be harmless, but when you have a new, contact a physician immediately. Sometimes it can be a benign cyst, and sometimes cancer.

Difficulty swallowing

Behind the symptoms usually can not stand two types of cancer – neck and esophagus. When you notice these symptoms, people are starting to hold the baby and adapting diet without thinking that it was something much more dangerous.

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