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These are the healthiest soups

We present you the healthiest vegetable soups that will warm and be pleasant for your health.

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Nutritionists often say that soup can alleviate the symptoms of colds. Ingredients local soup broth and reduce the symptoms of inflammation of the upper airway and relieve cough.

Many give up due to lack of time of preparing local soup. However, if you pre-prepare vegetables, cooking time will be much shorter.

Here are some of the healthiest soups and stews.

Tomato soup

This soup prevents prostate cancer, clogged arteries, and skin diseases. Thanks to lycopene, which is found in tomatoes, tomato soup consumption can act preventively on the incidence of heart attacks. Tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin C, which protects against respiratory infections, skin cancer, and strengthens eyesight.

Mushroom cream  soup

This soup is excellent for the prevention of cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and viral infections. Mushrooms are rich in vitamin B, B6, niacin, riboflavin, and can help with problems with migraine and depression.

Celery cream soup

Celery is a very healthy vegetable, primarily due to the flavonoids that can prevent the development of tumors. These vegetables can reduce blood pressure and prevent excessive secretion of hormones that constrict blood vessels. Celery soup is excellent for people who care about your diet because you feel full longer holds and absorbs excess water from the body. Take the leaves and celery because they are rich in vitamin C and potassium.


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