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Parts of the body on which the girls forget in winter

Girls over the winter are trying to smuggle a little, so they skip some rituals for one simple reason: “So that part is below all layers of clothing and it’s not seen!”.

winter feet

However, the neglect of certain parts of the body when it comes to treatment can lead to a buildup of dead skin layers, pimple or wrinkle, so it is better nurtured from head to toe, even at such low temperatures. Here are the five parts of the body most often women forget.

1) Feet

Beautiful and cared feet can be one of the most attractive parts of the female body, but in winter they often neglect. Toenails and fix every week and file off hard skin on the heels every few days. Before bed, apply your moisturizer and your feet in the spring, but be ready for a showdown.

2) Elbows

As Barney Stinson in the series “How I Met Your Mother” says: “If you want to know how the old woman, look at her elbows.” It is very important for elbows to smear cream every day, so this ritual should not forget.

3) Back

Beautiful and smooth back are always attractive, but winter neglect can lead to unpleasant spots and rough skin. Every week do body scrub and lotion every day rub all parts of the body, including the back.

4) Bum and thighs

During the winter we eat, and in the summer we cry because of cellulite. Winter is a great time for tackling cellulite, so every day you run a mini massage with cellulite.

5) Nails

Nails are particularly vulnerable in the winter due to sudden changes in temperature, exposure to cold and frequent hand washing. Therefore, it is important to rub the cream in them so they lubricate nourishing nail polish or drink supplements that promote their growth.

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