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Small necessities for a love meeting that you must carry in your bag

Wet wipes, lip gloss, perfume, chewing gum, and more things will make you keep fresh during all night and love meeting

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You are ready to go out, make-up, perfumed, with perfect hair. But you must not forget that the night will be long and that you have a few needed things for your nice and fresh look all the night.

Here are some suggestions what you need to bring in your bag:

1. Wet wipes – it is always advisable to have in your purse in case you need to wipe, refresh or when you notice that the sweating started getting out of control.

2. Eyeliner – when the whole evening you are laughing and dancing and having fun, you’ll hardly keep perfectly made-up eyes without minor repairs.

3. Refresher breath or gum – you can be sure it will be delicious kiss, without admixture of food you have just eaten or alcohol vapor.

4. A small sample of perfume – the ideal solution for dating. Carefree can refresh the fragrance whenever you want, and besides, fit into the smallest handbag without fear of spilling.

5. Lip gloss – lipstick while in meetings tend to be somewhat inappropriate (you do not want it after kissing looks like a bad clown), with a glow you can not go wrong. And they’re so delicious …

6. Patches – always good to have them in my purse in case your shoes start to pinch.

7. Hairpins – if something happens to your hairstyle (decomposes or flying in all directions), the hairpins will not have to worry. There is no hairstyles that you can not save with hairpins!


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