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Red wine prevents tooth decay

Good news for wine lovers – this drink can remove bacteria and maintain oral health, according to scientists.

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If you are hesitating whether to enjoy a delicious meal with a glass of red wine, here’s news that can help in solving the dilemma – this drink can maintain the health of teeth.

Scientific research that is published in the journal “Journal of agricultural and food chemistry”, has shown that grape seed has a preventive role in the occurrence of dental caries. The researchers believe that this finding may contribute to the development of natural products for dental care.

Maria Victoria Moreno-Arribas and her colleagues from the Spanish National Council for Research, argue that gum disease and tooth loss can affect 60 to 90 percent of the world’s population.

The problem occurs when certain bacteria make biofilms, separate colony of bacteria that are difficult to remove. They create plaques and secrete acid that damages teeth. Brushing your teeth can help remove bacteria, but these effects are still limited.

The conducted research has been the discovery that the neutralization of biofilm highly efficient red wine, and almost the same effect has wine with different percentages of alcohol, and it is enriched with grape seed oil.


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