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Probiotics reduce anxiety

Take into consideration that not everyone probiotics are equal, so they do not have the same effect.

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According to previous research, the anxiety is one of the most common mental conditions faced by people around the world.

Chronic anxiety can significantly distort the balance of the digestive system and increase the risk of developing a number of diseases of the digestive system.

In the new study, published in the journal Gastroenterology, the researchers found that the probiotic Bifidobacterium longum, effectively eliminates anxiety and normalizes behavior.

Probiotics directly affects the nerves that are found in the intestines and that are associated with the central nervous system.

Hungarian scientists have found that chronic appendicitis significantly increases the risk of chronic anxiety and depression and to treat chronic inflammation with probiotics and vitamins B and D, can significantly alleviate the symptoms.

This is great news for people who suffer from anxiety because most of them rely on medications that cause side effects.

These drugs are effective, but increase the risk of visual impairment, dizziness, memory loss, nausea and difficulty in thinking and decision-making.

Probiotics can easily be taken through the daily diet, but there are supplements.

If you plan to start taking supplements of probiotics, certainly before then consult your doctor or pharmacist and take into account that not all probiotics are equal, so they do not have the same effect.

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