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Why is it a good summer?

Lots of people are in some form of stress, depression, anxiety, during winter days. Often gain weight during the winter, because of the little on no movement and eating very caloric foods. The time has come, and what do we do? People, run and beat stress and bad habits that were created during the winter.


Below we give you some tips which will during the summer to beat stress and improve health:

Walk in the park: some experts say it is enough daily walk for about half an hour, as a walk through the countryside on the nature of the brain leads to a state of meditation i.e. Relaxation

Swim in the sea: sea water relieves some skin diseases, skin heals faster us-Because of exposure to sunlight, the body will we be rich in vitamin D. While we swim activate all the muscles and improve circulation to the body. Swimming us can come in handy if you want to achieve good shape or lose weight slightly

Hang out with your friends: it is certainly good to renew the bonds of friendship and to socialize with forget the difficult moments in life. Socializing us improve mood

Rugby: do not like to go to sea, you feel old for it, definitely recommend gardening. Studies show that gardening improves mood and rising confidence

Enjoy the fruits and vegetables that summer abounds with a multitude of fresh fruits and vegetables. Benefits of eating fruits and vegetables are those that contain a lot of fruit, low in calories and full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants-which prevents the accumulation of free radicals

Avoid ready meals, canned. Give the advantage of a freshly prepared meal.


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