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People on the first day of vacation are taking twice more calories than usual

When they are on vacation, during the first day of vacation people get twice as many calories than normal, a new study reveals. Some bring up to 5,756 calories. This amount of calories is sufficient for them to run around two marathons.

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According to the recommendations of the doctor, the man of the day to bring 2,500 calories, while a woman should enter a maximum of 2,000 calories. First day of vacation that number was more than doubled and amounted to 5,756 calories.

The study was conducted on site CheapHolidayLand.com, who through the survey examined what are the habits of people during the holidays when it comes to food drink.

Just for breakfast some respondents were taking even 1,117 calories. After breakfast, many of them would drink first alcoholic drink, which is an additional 240 calories. Cooked meal eaten until the afternoon.

First day of vacation: Calories per Meals

Breakfast: 1,117 calories
Drink after breakfast: 240 calories
Lunch: 1,260 calories
Afternoon snack: 425 calories
Dinner: 2,191 calories
Drinks and snacks after dinner: 523 calories
Total: 5,756 calories

The vast majority of respondents admitted that the first day of mandatory fall into the trap of eating and drinking as if everything is almost free.

The researchers calculated that during the first dinner on vacation you bring more than 2,000 calories. A quarter of the calories – 1,418 – are get over alcohol that day.

– We always cheat ourselves when we go on vacation. Imagine that everything was all free, and in fact we have to pay for all of it – this was one of the comments.

People are usually too relaxed and get carried away on the first day of vacation, but already the second day everything is moderate.


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