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The best oils for skin prone to acne

In recent years, essential oils are used in many purposes, treatment of various diseases to the care of hair and skin. If you have acne-prone skin, here are the essential oils should be used.

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Although in some ways it’s become a trend and everyone is using them, essential oils can really be helpful, of course, if you know how and what exactly to use. Mostly can be found in herbal pharmacies and health food stores, and in the worst case, you can order them over the Internet. Today, you will discover that those essential oil you should use if you have problems with acne.

Tea tree oil. According to experts tea tree disinfects and has soothing properties which can help with acne problems. After regular use of this oil irritation and itching are alleviated. The oil can be used along with your standard treatment of acne, simply apply on the red spots on the skin and allow the skin to absorb.

Extra virgin olive oil. In addition to essential oils can have great benefits from extra-virgin oil. All you have to do is apply directly on skin the olive oil and it will eventually reduce the occurrence of acne and the scars will become less visible. For best results, it is best to use a good quality extra-virgin olive oil that has a large amount of polyphenols. Polyphenol is usually the main ingredient why olive oil is so healthy.

Lavender oil. If your skin is prone to acne then you simply need to obtain the lavender oil, which in addition to the wonderful smell has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which successfully speeds up healing of existing and prevents new acne. The only thing you need to watch out for is that if you have sensitive skin, lavender oil, dilute with a base oil, such as olive, almond or jojoba.

Rosemary oil. If the main cause of acne on your face oily skin then you should certainly use the oil of rosemary that will be of great help. Massage your skin with a few drops of rosemary oil to calm inflammation and tone your ten. In any case, if it do not help with acne, your skin will definitely be healthier and more beautiful.

What is the best thing about the use of natural skin oils is that they help, but do not dry the skin further and the possibility of side effects is minimal. Equally effective for all skin types, and if you have a problem sure to try it out. You won’t regret.

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