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Obesity causes prostate cancer

Obesity has become a disease of the modern age, and obese men have a higher risk of developing prostate cancer, reveals American scientists.

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The study included 500 men. Scientists were watching their health for 14 years, and every few years they did a biopsy of the prostate.

Abnormalities of the prostate tissue have been found in 11% of the participants, and the abnormalities were closely associated with obesity.

Prostate cancer is a malignant tumor that originates in the prostate. After a while, it can be carried by the blood and lymph spread to other organs.

Scientists are also taken into account other risk factors, including family history. Regardless of other risk factors, obesity is a risk of prostate cancer increased by as much as 57%.

However, this research should be continued in order to find out the exact way obesity increases the risk of prostate cancer.

The research results show that obesity should begin considered as a factor of risk for prostate cancer.


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