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Important facts about male infertility

There are many factors that can affect male infertility. According to research not only women are the ones who are facing problems with fertility, but there is an increasing number of men too.

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What are the most common causes of male infertility?

Male infertility is usually caused by too low sperm production or sperm production that do not work properly – do not swim fast enough or does not fertilize the egg when they come in contact with him.

Studies have shown that male fertility adversely affect unhealthy lifestyle habits, such as smoking, alcohol abuse, excessive alcohol consumption, lack of physical activity and obesity.

How is male infertility diagnosed?

The basic test is an analysis of sperm. Male to a sperm sample to be analyzed under the microscope. In this way, the checks sperm count and some aspects of sperm quality (swimming speed and shape).

It is important for men to abstain from sex or masturbation for 2-5 days prior to testing. Depending on the test results, some men need to do tests to check hormone levels and genetic predisposition.

What are the treatment options?

All treatment options are based on the fact that sperm cells help to find their way to the egg in any way. This can be a simple in vitro fertilization, or insemination. In severe cases the sperm is injected into an egg.

If a man does not produce sperm, then search sperm donor. Sometimes the hormonal imbalances that cause male produces no sperm. Such cases are generally treated successfully for the regulation of hormone therapies.

Does age affect semen quality?

There is no evidence that older men produce less sperm, but there is evidence that the poorer quality of their sperm. These scientists demonstrated in two ways. The first is that older fathers increase the risk of miscarriage.

The second is that the children of older fathers are at higher risk of developing rare genetic disorders. Previous studies indicate that the DNA of sperm older man in some way damaged.

Cause if a medical condition of infertility?

Some medical conditions can cause the quantity and quality of sperm. Treatments for cancer treatment, some drugs or kidney disease can reduce sperm count.

For this reason, the men offered the option of freezing spermatozoa before commencing treatment that could jeopardize their fertility.

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