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Faults that make the new parents

All parents make mistakes, that’s perfectly normal. Think of your parents, you can certainly make a larger or smaller list of things that are wrong. Neither parent is perfect. New parents are more likely to make mistakes, and we bring you the most common ones.

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Panicking about every little thing

Many parents have a sudden reaction to a child’s normal behavior, such as vomiting or spitting. You should be aware that the child senses your anxiety. Experts say that some parents can not complete the child’s first year to spend in tension caused by small and unimportant things. Is his chair too small or too big? Is it normal to burp so much? Eating too little or too much? Do you pay too little or too much? These concerns hinder you to enjoy the first year of a child’s life, and babies are far more resilient than we think!

Not allowing a child to cry

Parents think that their primary duty to ensure that their child never cries. This is because crying is associated with the fact that we’re doing something wrong and that it should be corrected as soon as possible. Babies are designed to cry, they can be perfectly fed and tidy, but still relentlessly crying.

In most situations, crying is just part of growing up. If your child is constantly crying over a period of an hour or more, and you noticed a rash, fever, or vomiting, see a pediatrician as soon as possible.

Waking the child to eat

Breastfed child can and should sleep through the night. However, parents often think that breast milk can not be for a child long enough to keep satiated. It is necessary that the child and the mother slept. After all, if the child wakes up in the middle of the night because it is hungry, you will surely hear, so there is no need to make it yourself.

Not recognizing the difference between the belching and vomiting

The difference in the rate, but not in amount. Burping may be abundant, but will not be repeated often, but after a meal. Vomiting is frequent. If it’s a virus in the digestive system, your child will vomit every 30 to 40 minutes, then you should contact your doctor.

No recognition of the high temperature and the fever

Any temperature that is in the child higher than 38 ° C requires urgent action. The only exception is a fever for 24 hours after the first vaccination. Some parents think that their child is just a little more warm and do not realize that the child needs help. It is a common mistake parents make in your child’s first year of life. The child’s immune system is not yet strong enough to defend itself against disease.

Improper installation of car seats

Most parents who set the car seat will tell you that it is not as easy as it seems. After you select the appropriate car seat seek to ensure that the seat is properly set, it may depend on how the life of your child.

Neglecting oral hygiene

Many parents do not think of the hygiene of the child at the time of the oral cavity. Your child is never too small for oral hygiene. Even if your baby teeth have not grown, soak the cloth into the water and clean your child’s gums. If you are not sure of the way to clean the child’s mouth, consult your pediatrician or dentist.

Ignoring marriage

Staying connected with your partner during the birth of the first child is very important. It is normal that you are focused on the child, but do not forget about the relationship because that is what your child needs. Take care of a child together or go for a walk together. Occasionally, if you able to permit, give the child for care or grandparents to be able to commit fully to one another. Remember, the child will grow and the less you need, and you’ll always have each other!

Excessive or insufficient arguing against child

Even a child of 3 months can recognize your feelings. When it comes to arguing, ask yourself is it too often, or keep all to himself. Arguing is healthy, but only when in the end both sides are satisfied with the outcome.

Belief unreliable sources

Many new parents are visiting the wrong places to give parental advice. Remember that you will get the best advice from experts and people who are themselves parents because no one can give you advice if you do not understand.

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