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Immunotherapy: A new hope in the treatment of cancer

Immunotherapy (biotherapy or biological therapy) is a type of treatment for the treatment of cancer means to increase the natural ability of the body to fight off cancer cells. Although scientists are still not entirely clear how immunotherapy works on cancer, have so far been discovered that can definitely slow down or stop the spread of cancer cells.

Immunotherapy health

There are several types of immunotherapy, a commonly used are:

  • cell therapy
  • antibody therapy
  • therapy with cytokines

CAR T – cell therapy is a type of immunotherapy, new ways of using experimental treatment which stimulates the immune system to recognize and attack the cancer cells, but also other diseases. Immunotherapy some experts considered promising.

This year, the FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) approved the drug for another 2 immunotherapy to be used in the treatment of melanoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

Experts emphasize that, for the purpose of treating cancer, the goal to work on discovering new ways to strengthen the immune system. It brings a whole new approach to killing cancer cells.

The importance of T cells

T cells are found in the bloodstream and is extremely critical in the recognition and destruction of the infection. Cancer cells behave like healthy cells so the immune system does not recognize that they are abnormal. Scientists have modified T cells to recognize and attacking cancer cells.

High fever is a sign that T cells do their job. If doctors can not manage to lower the body temperature, they must reduce the level of T cells and other drug end of cancer treatment.

Scientists are continuing to test the modified T cells in other types of cancer, such as leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. It will also work on modifying T cells for the treatment of the more common cancers, such as colon cancer, ovarian cancer and breast cancer.

Are we on the way to a cure for cancer?

Cancer can develop because the immune system does not attack absolutely every cancer cell. The immune system after some time in order to break or begins to work less so after a while continuing to work properly.

When the immune system all the time was at its maximum, body temperature would be constantly increased and appeared to be a skin rash.

Scientists are now trying as much as possible reduce the duration of these phases during which the immune system works poorly. This type of treatment should be successful in lung cancer, bladder and kidney.

But there is a danger that the T cells begin attacking healthy cells of the body. This can cause problems such as colitis, hepatitis, severe skin rash, inflammation of the pituitary and thyroid inflammation. So far, this form of treatment has helped in the treatment of melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer.

Scientists hope that they will have an equally positive results in the treatment of breast, lung, cervical, prostate, head, neck, thyroid, and kidney.


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