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What walking speed tells about your health

Recent studies have revealed what exactly is the time to move to one mile and what it has speed walk with premature death.

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Walking is not only a great physical exercise that keeps us in shape, the way you walk can reveal a lot about our health and long life span.

All those who are engaged in recreational walking, having a quick and sharp step typically live longer than those who walk slower and quieter. According to the New York Times Magazine slow walkers have a 44 percent chance of more to die before their time, unlike those times exceed your route quickly and without problems. Those who walk slowly also have a 18 percent greater chance of developing heart disease and dementia.

The relation between walking pace and sharp life expectancy was established after a major study that included as many as 40 thousand people where walking is regular physical exercise, and was carried out in America. After the obtained results were compared with the national index of deaths.

What kind of walking is too slow walking? People who have the most chance of premature death are those who need 24 minutes to cross a mile, and less risk group includes those who cross the same distance for most 13.5 minutes.

The slower pace, experts say can be a symptom of a health problem that man has not yet been discovered, and it will certainly discover if undergo six-minute walking test to determine your state of health.

This test does not involve walking to one mile but a quarter mile. With the help of a stopwatch to measure the time for how you can go that distance. If you need exactly six minutes or more, then you fall into the category of slower walkers and disease risk is higher.

If you recognize yourself and discover that you have a slower walker does not need to be afraid, take that as a little warning to visit the doctor, make a systematic review and a bit more focus on your health.

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