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How the thyroid gland affects fertility?

If you are having trouble getting pregnant or have experienced recurrent spontaneous abortions, experts recommend that you consult with a doctor and looking for an overview of the thyroid gland disorders because the thyroid gland can cause problems with fertility.

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The thyroid gland is shaped as a butterfly, which is located at the front of neck. It releases hormones that regulate metabolism, heartbeat, blood pressure levels, growth, development and the level of body temperature.

Problems in the thyroid gland can act on the menstrual cycle, and low levels of thyroid hormone can cause lack of ovulation.

A large number of women do not even notice problems with the work of the thyroid gland. The most common symptoms are fatigue, constant cold, dry and brittle hair and inexplicably excessive cultivation, as well as unexplained excessively weight loss.

Several studies have shown that health problems are directly linked to thyroid problems with fertility.

Experts point out that in many cases the problems with fertility successfully cured after starting medication for regulation of the thyroid.

Even mild difficulties in the thyroid gland can affect conception, and pregnancy outcome.

Timely treatment of some problems with the thyroid gland can help prevent a number of complications during pregnancy and childbirth. This is why experts often advise thyroid examinations in cases where there are problems with fertility.

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